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Spring-loaded base trolley
made of aluminium

Our spring-loaded base trolley ensures no unnecessary strain is put on the back. The constant loading and unloading height allows loads to be removed or stacked ergonomically. The items are also less likely to suffer accidental damage as they are loaded and removed.

The Gmöhling spring-loaded base trolley allows non-tiring, rapid and efficient work and guards against straining the back due to incorrect posture, leading to back and spine problems. The spring tension can also be quite simply and easily adjusted to meet your needs.

The Gmöhling spring-loaded base trolley is an indispensable addition in hospital and laundry logistics, old people's homes, libraries, the automotive industry, etc. as well as in intralogistics.

Light, ergonomic work 
strains the back less and saves
money by increasing work efficiency

Advantages of the G®-Ergo

  • Constant loading and unloading height
  • Many standard version available with various spring force
  • The spring force can be easily adjusted by the user to suit their own needs
  • Spring-loaded base does not tilt, even with one-sided loading
  • Anodisation protects against abrasion and corrosion
  • Extremely stable design due to metal joints with the latest technologies
  • Swivel castors with brakes in accordance with European standard EN 1757-3


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