Customised transport solution for E-Commerce

Whether it's the optimal use of your storage capacity, the transport of goods or simple work cycles, we have the solution that suits your needs, tailor-made, individual, innovative, and always time-saving.

Based on our versatile spring-loaded base trolleys, we have developed a wide range of different order picking containers in order to take the increasingly varied range of tasks in Internet sales into account. Internet sales depends on rapid delivery of the goods which are ordered, thus making the shortest reaction times and speed in warehouse logistics an absolute must. With these order picking containers, multi-order picking, also known as batch order picking is also possible, of course.

You get all of the order picking containers as well as the order picking trolleys with functional details such as steps, docking points for floor conveyors, tablets, etc. New developments such as the new pushing aid which makes pushing the order picking containers even easier and more efficient are also particularly worthy of mention.

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