Customised for the textile industry

Our bespoke Gmöhling containers and transport trolleys for our customers in the textile industry have been used around the world for decades.

With our bobbin trolleys, tube doffing boxes & tube boxes and cloth beams, we were number 1 in the market in the 60s, 70s and 80s. And we continue to develop our product lines systematically to this day.

Our product range extends from cloth collection trolleys, flyer bobbin trolleys, bobbin doffer trolleys, tube doffing boxes & tube boxes for ring spinning machines (Zinser/Rieter) up to individual transport trolleys and spring-loaded base trolleys, which are also available in versions suitable for steaming machines, to name but a few.

Cops Trolley

Yarn Steaming Trolley

Cloth Collecting

Tube Doffing Boxes

Roving Bobbin Trolley

Rotating Trolley

Bobbin Doffer Trolleys

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