Modular cupboard trolley
G®-CUP ISO E 273. made of anodised aluminium

Our modular cupboard trolley is specifically designed for use with ISO baskets. You can freely select the configuration and fittings to match your individual requirements.

The modular system’s reliability and ease of handling allows you to rationalise logistic processes. The cupboard trolley can be configured according to your precise needs.

Our anodised cupboard trolley for ISO baskets impresses with its ease of handling and cleaning, durability, variability, ergonomic perfection and first-class quality and complies with hygiene requirements.

Variable configuration
… to suit your requirements, with
modular ISO baskets - for all eventualities

Advantages G®-CUP ISO E 273

  • Compartment height can easily be adjusted individually
  • Suitable for all components of the 600 x 400 mm ISO modular system
  • Flexible and versatile areas of use
  • Anodisation protects against abrasion and corrosion
  • Consistently designed to be easy to use
  • Hygienic because the internal fittings are completely removable

Product description

  • Anodised surface
  • With 1, 2 or 3 rows of modules
  • Each compartment contains 9 pairs of height-adjustable antibacterial plastic rails and can be extended up to 18 pairs
  • Internal design - vertical pillars and rails - completely removable if required, suitable for all components of the 400 x 600 mm or 400 x 300 mm ISO modular system
  • Walls and aluminium profiles are interlocked by means of clinching, making them extremely stable
  • High stability even with open door thanks to an all-round profile frame
  • Two extremely rigid hinged doors, 3.0 mm thick, can be rotated through 270 degrees
  • Open doors are secured by magnets
  • Easy to use, one-handed, central twist lock ensures safely locked doors, even during transport by truck
  • Good noise insulation and dust protection due to the all-round EPDM seal integrated onto the doors as well as the base and top profile
  • Smooth interior with no indentations for easy handling and cleaning
  • Handles on each short side
  • All-round, abrasion-resistant, blue PVC bumper on the top and lower rim of the trolley
  • DIN A4 document frame on the inside of the door
  • Torsion-resistant trolley undercarriage due to the BiTubAl® system
  • Galvanised steel wheel housing, Supratech wheels, 200 mm wheel, polypropylene wheel centre, thermoplastic rubber tread, non-marking, precision ball bearings
  • Wheel arrangement B: 2 swivel castors with brakes and 2 fixed castors

Other versions:

Model E2731

  • With a rigid handle on the door
  • Wheel diameter 125 mm

G®-CUP ISO E 273. - Models

  Dimensions LxWxH
(approx. mm)
(approx. l)
Plastic rails
Grid spacing
(approx. mm)
Load capacity
(appox. kg)
(approx. kg)
internal external
E 2731 ???? 465 x 635 x 1170 555 x 725 x 1465 345 125 9 124 100 46 024273110 ????
E 2732 ???? 900 x 635 x 1170 990 x 725 x 1545 670 200 18 124 200 67 024273220 ????
E 2733 ???? 1330 x 635 x 1170 1420 x 725 x 1545 990 200 27 124 300 82,5 024273330 ????



Design features

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