G®-ERGO D 5408 vario / libra
made of aluminium

Our spring-loaded base trolley ensures no unnecessary strain is put on the back. The constant loading and unloading height allows loads to be removed or stacked ergonomically. The items are also less likely to suffer accidental damage as they are loaded and removed.

The Gmöhling spring-loaded base trolley allows non-tiring, rapid and efficient work and guards against straining the back due to incorrect posture, leading to back and spine problems. The spring tension can also be quite simply and easily adjusted to meet your needs.

The Gmöhling spring-loaded base trolley is an indispensable addition in hospital and laundry logistics, old people's homes, libraries, the automotive industry, etc. as well as in intralogistics.

Product description

  • Smooth and non-anodised surface
  • Walls and aluminium profiles are interlocked by means of clinching, making them extremely stable
  • Smooth side walls reduce the friction of the load; the spring-loaded base trolley reacts immediately to any change in weight
  • All-round, extremely stable profiles at the top and bottom on the rims of the trolley
  • All-round, flexible and abrasion-resistant PVC bumper on the upper rim of the trolley
  • Parallel and torsion-free guidance of the drop-down floor by means of 8 covered ball bearings, even with one-sided loading
  • Constant loading and unloading height; the weight of the load allows the base to continuously drop down. The base rises slowly when the trolley is unloaded
  • Stable undercarriage support made of galvanised steel
  • Modification of the spring force and undercarriage is not possible
  • No option available
  • Stable undercarriage support made of galvanised steel
  • Galvanised steel wheel housing, non-marking solid rubber wheels, roller bearings and thread guards
  • Wheel arrangement B: 2 swivel castors with brakes and 2 fixed castors - swivel castors with brakes in accordance with European standard EN 1757-3

Other versions

Modell D 5408 / 580A SC vario:

  • Anodised surface
  • Wheel arrangement A: 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors, arranged in a rhomboidal position
  • Wheels with a thermoplastic rubber tread, non-marking, precision ball bearings

Modell D 5408/580 B libra with scale:

  • Spring force: 50 kg - anodised surface - swivel castors without brakes
  • Spring force: 70 kg - non-anodised surface
  • The load-dependent lowerable floor of the trolley is also equipped with an electronic scale (not calibrated and therefore not suitable for the sell of product per weight)

G®-ERGO D 5408 - Models

Model number   Wheel
Dimensions LxWxH
(approx. mm)
(approx. l)
Wheel -Ø
in mm
Spring force
(approx. kg)
Load capacity
(approx. kg)
(approx. kg
Order number
internal external
D 5408 / 580 vario ???? B 1400 x 700 x 620 1515 x 740 x 895 615 125 70 100 55 022540801 ????
D 5408 / 580A SC vario anodised ???? A 1400 x 700 x 620 1515 x 740 x 905 615 125 50 100 51 022540812 ????
D 5408 / 580 B libra anodised ???? B 1400 x 700 x 570 1515 x 740 x 995 560 125 50 100 65 222540809 ????
D 5408 / 580 B libra ???? B 1400 x 700 x 570 1515 x 740 x 995 560 125 70 100 65 222540810 ????



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