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G®-CUP E 272. anodised made of aluminium

The Gmöhling cupboard trolley can do it all, regardless of where it is used. Hospitals have relied on it for years as a transport trolley and storage trolley for dirty and clean linen, as an operating theatre trolley and as a dinner trolley. The cupboard trolley can also be used for the transport of sterilised materials, or in sterile areas.

Thoughtful design down to the very last detail - proven in the day-to-day work of hospitals all around the world.

Our anodised cupboard trolley also complies with the highest hygiene standards and impresses with its ease of handling and cleaning, durability, variability, ergonomic perfection and first-class quality.

The areas of use for this trolley are extremely diverse. It is equally well suited for use as an in-house tool trolley, a costume trolley for the theatre, opera, films and shows and a mobile office, as well as in schools and public institutions.

Our multi-purpose cupboard trolley can be configured according to need.

Below is an overview of the cupboard trolley’s specific design.

  • Anodised surface
  • Walls and aluminium profiles are interlocked by means of clinching, making them extremely stable
  • Open cupboard side with an all-round profile frame
  • Two extremely rigid hinged doors, 3.0 mm thick, can be rotated through 270 degrees
  • Open doors are secured by magnets
  • Easy to use, one-handed, central twist lock ensures safely locked doors, even during transport by truck
  • Good noise insulation and dust protection due to the all-round EPDM seal integrated onto the doors as well as the base and top profile
  • Smooth interior with no indentations foreasy handling and cleaning
  • Ergonomic push/pull handles on both short sides
  • All-round, abrasion-resistant, blue PVC bumper on the top and lower rim of the trolley
  • Removable shelves create evenly spaced storage compartments, each shelf can be loaded up to 100 kg equally distributed
  • DIN A4 document frame on the inside of the door and DIN A7 on the short side of the trolley
  • Torsion-resistant trolley undercarriage due to the BiTubAl® system
  • Galvanised steel wheel housing, Supratech wheels, 200 mm wheel, polypropylene wheel centre, thermoplastic rubber tread, non-marking, precision ball bearings

Model number   Dimensions LxWxH
(approx. mm)
(approx. l)
Number of
(approx. mm)
Load capacity
(approx. kg)
(approx. kg)
Order number Query
internal external
E 2721 1320 x 600 x 1220 1410 x 690 x 1596 970 3 390 200 300 80 024272121
E 2722 1130 x 550 x 1430 1220 x 640 x 1806 890 3 460 200 300 77 024272222
E 2723 1130 x 550 x 1030 1220 x 640 x 1406 640 2 500 200 300 63 024272323
E 2724 1130 x 520 x 1430 1220 x 610 x 1806 840 3 460 200 300 75,5 024272424
E 2725 750 x 550 x 1430 840 x 640 x 1806 590 3 460 200 300 61 024272525
E 2726 1255 x 600 x 1430 1345 x 690 x 1806 1080 3 460 200 300 84 024272626

Further information can be found in our catalogue.

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Here you can see some examples of how our cupboard trolley can be used

> Examples of usage  

Design features



Accessories for cupboard trolleys

> Accessories

Is the size or version you need not listed in our varied product range? No problem! We also produce in small batch runs. > Just ask!

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