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Mr Gmöhling is the chief architect of our company's success; it is his expertise, commitment and determination that have largely made the company what it is today.

Even today, despite his great age, nothing can dissuade him from coming regularly into the company. He discusses new developments and ideas with the design department, finds out about current projects and orders from Sales and is always happy to hear what any employee has to say.

Mr Walter Gmöhling is our role model, friend and advisor, whose support we hope to continue to enjoy for many years to come.

"Walter Gmöhling, with his modesty and his commitment to the area as an entrepreneur, is a shining example for us all, and his company is a showcase for Fürth business."

Dr. Thomas Jung, Lord Mayor of Fürth, in: Local commitment and success, Fürth Stadtzeitung-Retail Sector, no. 14, 16/07/2008, p. 7.

A brief history of Gmöhling Transportgeräte GmbH

Gmöhling was originally founded as an aluminium foundry in the Alsace in 1941, producing mainly car and aircraft components.

In 1944, production was lost due to the war. A number of production facilities were relocated and saved. After the war ended, the company started developing and producing pans for catering, bench vices and even candle casting machines.

It was in 1948 that the present owner, Walter Gmöhling, refounded the business as an aluminium processing company. This year also saw the production of the first collapsible aluminium trunks for the Berlin airlift.

It was in 1952, when the premises rented for the production of light metal containers became too small, that the company moved to its present site in Fürth-Stadeln.

In the following years, new buildings were added, investment was made in new machinery and manufacturing processes and innovative products were developed, making Gmöhling what it is today - a leading manufacturer of aluminium and logistics containers in Europe, with many satisfied customers around the world.

Gmöhling Transportgeräte GmbH has demonstrated time and again its ability to respond flexibly to market changes and adjust its product range accordingly. The acquired expertise in the working of aluminium, a raw material that will lose none of its appeal in the future, and the wealth of experience in developing bespoke logistics solutions are the guarantees of our company's continued success.

Tradition and innovation, business success and social responsibility – in its more than 80 years of existence, the company has been able to combine these characteristics to produce optimum results. And will continue to do so in the future!

GMÖHLING Transportgeräte GmbH
Stadelner Hauptstr. 34 • D-90765 Fürth • Tel.: +49 911 - 7669-0 •