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Transport trolleys made of aluminium

Gmöhling’s versatile transport trolleys are available in different sizes and versions. Standard versions include trolleys with smooth, ribbed, perforated and anodised sides.

An essential feature of our transport trolleys is the cut-out/hinged or sliding panel on one side for ease of loading and unloading.

Our light and robust transport trolleys have multiple uses for storage and transport in your logistics. They have proved themselves over the years in many sectors such as industry, the automotive, disposal and pharmaceutical industries and the hospital, laundry and catering sectors, etc.

We offer various wheel systems according to load weight to guarantee easier handling. We can also supply transport trolleys with an appropriate hinged lid to your required size.

Vorteile G®-TRANS

    • Universal einsetzbar
    • Hygienisch, geruchsneutral und korrosionsbeständig
    • Robust und formstabil bei geringem Eigengewicht
    • Sicken bieten Stabilität und Flächensteifigkeit
    • Leichtes Handling und Ergonomie selbst bei max. Beladung
    • Viele Varianten mit unterschiedlichem Fassungsvermögen
    • Extrem stabile Konstruktion durch Metallverbindungen mit modernsten Technologien
    • Radfeststeller an den Lenkrollen, gemäß der europäischen Norm EN 1757-3

G®-TRANS D 3008

G®-TRANS D 3708


G®-TRANS D 1008 anodised

G®-TRANS D 3808

G®-TRANS D 3508

G®-TRANS D 1508 / D 1539 made of aluminium

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