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G®-roll BOX A 1599 R made of textured aluminium

Easy to move, it protects your high-value products against damage and the weather and also has other benefits that make it ideal for storage and transport. The optimal solution for moving items from one area to another, it has outstanding stability, low weight and a scratch-resistant surface. The aluminium roller box is fitted with 2 wheels and is easy to move around, even when fully loaded. This box has proven its quality over many years.

Vorteile G®-roll BOX

    • Einfaches Handling durch 2 Rollen
    • Geringes Eigengewicht
    • Robust und formstabil durch umlaufende Sicken
    • Staub- und spritzwassergeschützt
    • Strukturierte, kratzfeste Oberfläche
    • Stapelbar, sogar mit Rollen
  • Roller boxes with textured and scratch-resistant surface
  • Lid and container with robust pressed sections at the rims
  • Lid with full rubber seal and 2 retaining straps
  • Stackable
  • 2 spring-drop handles
  • 2 hinged fasteners, additional installation of cylinder locks, u-locks or lead seals supplied by customer are possible
  • 2 wheels on one narrow side, rubber castors, wheel diam.= 50mm
Model   Dimensions in mm(LxBxH) Capacity
in litres
Weight in kg
Order number Query
Inside Outside ( approx. )
A 1599 / 105 R 870 x 350 x 345 950 x 385 x 373 105 8,3 0 10 1599 51
A 1599 / 150 R 975 x 415 x 375 1055 x 450 x 403 150 9,3 0 10 1599 52

Further information can be found in our brochure.

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Examples of usage

Here you can see some examples of how our roller box can be used



> Examples of usage


Gmöhling boxes are tested for robustness.


> Robustness test

Roller box - Accessories

Accessories for our roller box

> Overview

Is the size or version you need not listed in our varied product range? No problem! We also produce in small batch runs. Just ask!

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