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75 years made in Germany - celebrating the company's anniversary

This year, Gmöhling Transportgeräte GmbH is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

We have been developing and manufacturing for decades in Germany. In this industry, we are therefore one of the German companies most steeped in tradition. With quality down to the last detail and well-engineered innovations, high-quality aluminium products are made here that are created for the future. We are known throughout the world for our expertise and quality in the relevant areas of industry.

Gmöhling was originally established in 1941 as an aluminium foundry in Alsace and was mainly involved in the production of parts for motor vehicle and aeroplane engines. In 1944, the company was largely destroyed in the war. At the end of the war, cooking pots, vices and even candle making machines were developed and produced initially. In 1948, Mr Walter Gmöhling then re-established it as an aluminium processing company in Nuremberg. During that year, the first collapsible aluminium container was designed and built for the Berlin Airlift.

For a long time, Mr Walter Gmöhling was the protagonist in terms of the company's success. His expertise, commitment and perseverance made a significant impact on the path taken by the company.

As the rented spaces for the production of light metal transport containers became too small, the company relocated in 1952 to its present site in Fürth-Stadeln.
This gave birth to the basic programme of universally known Gmöhling transport containers, which still exists today. It focused on the textile industry initially but then more and more areas were included, e.g. hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, production industries, intralogistics and many others.

In recent years, the importance of innovatively engineered custom-made products has continued to rise. Thanks to German-based production and the in-house development team we are able to offer individual tailor-made solutions quickly and at a high level of quality for logistics processes.

Our customers around the world have valued us for decades as a competent, creative, flexible and extremely reliable business partner. Meanwhile, more than 50% of the products we produce are sold abroad. Gmöhling has an international ethos and, particularly in the Asian region, the demand for “Made in Germany” quality continues to grow.

Today, the company is run by a young management team, though Mr W. Gmöhling still regularly comes in to the office even now at the fragile age of 93 years. He talks about new developments and ideas with the design team, finds out about current projects and orders from the sales and distribution department and still has a sympathetic ear for the workforce.

Gmöhling would like to express its gratitude to the customers who place their trust in the company, some over decades, to the suppliers who supply the company on schedule and reliably, to the companions and staff. Only in this way has it been possible to achieve 75 years of success.

We look optimistically to the future and expect to remain agile in the next 75 years to continually reinvent ourselves and our products.
We look forward to new challenges.

GMÖHLING Transportgeräte GmbH
Stadelner Hauptstr. 34 • D-90765 Fürth • Tel.: +49 911 - 7669-0 •